Seq. № Project title Project value in EUR Main results Parter role Financed from program Year of implementation
1. Natural assets of the Posavje Region in tourist offer 363.990,00 EUR - web page,

- visual identity

- 6 developed tourist product areas,

- incoming tourist agency in the process of being set up.
Project leader EFRD, OP RD for the period 2007-2013, development priority “Regional Development” 2007-2009
2. Rural development centre of the Posavje region 100.000,00 EUR - established institute Centre for Rural Development of the Posavje Region,

- 30 notified personal supplementary works, supplementary activities, private entrepreneurs,

- developed new artisanal products,

- 2 catalogues of artisanal products.
Project leader Nation program Entrepreneurship in the rural areas, intermediate body SPIRIT Slovenia, program financed by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, National Program 2003-on-going
3. Human resources development in the common economic space - “Let’s step on a common path of knowledge” 270.000,00 EUR - elaboration of common strategic analysis of human resources development on common cross-border area – training courses,

- teaching materials and tools, publications, provided training infrastructure.
Applicant and Project leader

Applicant and Project leader
INTERREG III A Neighbourhood Program SLO-HUN-CRO 2004-2006 2006 - 2007
4. The richness of the countryside in common tourist offer – Path of Honey - Bread Making between Krško and Zagreb 440.230,55 EUR - trained participants SLO and CRO,

- newly registered providers of traditional products,

- tourists informed of additional tourist offer,

- development of common traditional honey and honey bread packages,

Excursion to handicraft workshops in SLO and CRO,

- DVD on heritage and honey-based products in the cross-border area,

- established infrastructure for promotion of handicraft products on both sides of the border,

- visits of museum collections,

- established ethnological tourist path,- common press conferences,

- viewing of ethnological tourist path.
Project leader IPA Slovenia
– Croatia 2007-2013
5. Posavje Scholarship Scheme 3.780.971,72 EUR - pilot project PŠSS, used to establish scholarships schemes in all Slovenian regions, beginning in 2001

- encouraging of companies to plan HR development

- promotion of enrolment in those education programs, which enable greater employability according to the labour market needs,

- encouraging educated young people to return to the region after completing their education,

- raising the level of education in the region,

- 115 Posavje companies included,

- 368 scholarships given.
Project leader European Social Fund
Municipalities of the Posavje region
Companies included in the PSS
2008 – 2015
6. Posavje Guarantee Scheme 724.000 EUR - establishment of the Posavje Guarantee Scheme,

- investment loans to small businesses under more favourable conditions,

- guarantee for loans of up to 80 %,

- 27 loans granted,

- 17 guarantees issued,

- promotion of investment in the region.
Project leader Municipalities of the Posavje region,
Ministry of Commerce
2001 – 2014
7. SLOCRO GLOBALNET 429.295,60 - educating and informing target groups on how to increase competitiveness,

- formation of common strategy of offering products and services on common cross-border and EU markets,

- establishment of border export consortium,

- presentation of products and services and project results.
Partner in the project IPA Slovenia – Croatia 2007-2013 2010-2012
8. RDO – Regional Destination Organization 315.600,00

- Promotion activities: labels and lanyards »Posavje Full of Opportunities«, brochures » Posavje in Your Pocket«, promotion trailer, domestic and foreign fair material, participation at the fairs TIP 2011, TIP 2012, IFT Belgrade, DST Zagreb 2012, adverts in brochures Kompas Slovenia 2011 Escorted tours Kompas d.d., Promotional adverts in Slovenian media, organisation and implementation of event in Slovenia - vintage in Raka near Krško, organisation of a press conference at the Sevnica Castle and excursion around the Posavje region, Kompas E-newsletter (3x PR article to 115,000 e-emails, advert on and, T-shirts, USB keys and bags Posavje Full of Opportunities, brochure Posavje Full of Opportunities, 1000 pieces of different photograms, tourist map of the Posavje Region, PR articles in foreign tourism magazines, Jumbo mobile advertising, advertising on trams in Zagreb, Organisation of an event »Open Days in the Posavje Region«, advertising on the portal Blue at the Ljubljana airport, film on Posavje Region, organisation of study visit for tour operators;

- Development activities: Posavje Tourist Destination Development Strategy and annual plans for the period of 5 years;

- Distribution activities: upgrading and optimisation of the web page, setting up an on-line map, Facebook campaign, Google AdWords, On-line Tourist Guide Posavje In your Pocket

- Operational activities: formation of 3 integral tourist products (ITP)

Project leader Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development Potentials for the period 2007 – 2013, development priority: Integration of natural and cultural potentials; priority policy: Improvement of Tourism Competitiveness 2011-2013
9. Cadastre of public service infrastructure (PSI) in Posavje 468.467,00 - improved and updated PSI data,

- added more than 1000 km of urban installations with associated infrastructure,

added more than 32,000 other public service facilities added, available at:
Project leader EFRD, OP RD for the period 2007-2013, priority policy “Regional Development” 2008-2010
10. Implementation of LEADER – LAG Posavje 2007–2013 1.554.446,04 - management of LAG Posavje assistance office,

- co-funding of 24 projects.
Project leader EKSRP – PRP RS 2007-2012, Municipalities of the Posavje Region, LAG members 2008 - 2015
11. Hydraulic improvements on the Posavje water system 17.254.523,00 - coordination for preparation of application for approval of funds Project coordinator

Project holders: Municipalities Krško, Sevnica, Kostanjevica na Krki
Cohesion Fund 2008-2012
12. Strengthening administrative capacity for absorption of EU pre-accession assistance funds in the region Banat 33.438,18 - technical assistance in the field of strengthening administrative capacity for absorption of EU pre-accession assistance funds. Project leader Bilateral development cooperation 2001-2012
13. Transfer of rural are and economy related knowledge and experience with good practice examples in the region Banat 18.140,00 - transfer of good practices and 2 implemented workshops on training and transfer of knowledge gained during LEADER period,

- networking as new form of business cooperation and acquisition of customers,

- elaboration of networking business model and business club.
Project leader Bilateral development cooperation 2013
14. SLOHRA SOCIONET Total project value: 520,003.40 EUR;
IPA funds: 439,005.75 EUR
- development of a methodology for social entrepreneurship analysis,

- implementation of regional consultations in partner regions,

- trainings for promoters, best practice visits,

- organization of national conferences in Slovenia and Croatia,

- elaboration of business plan methodology,

- elaboration of constitutional documents under Slovenian and Croatian laws,

- web page,

- design of a logo, graphic identity, promotional and informational brochures, various promotion material.
Project partner IPA Slovenia Croatia 2007-2013 2014-2015
15. Sava-Krka Bike   - Study on site selection and layout of national cycle routes D2.D5,G17 and G19 for 14 municipalities,

- Study on traffic regulation – Temporary installation of traffic signs and construction activities on main national cycle routes D2,D5,G17 in G19 for 14 municipalities.
Coordinator Municipal and national budgets 2014-2016
16. Ambitiously into the business world 2013 and 2014 114.650,00 EUR / per group (10 participants) - promotion of entrepreneurship among unemployed youth (up to 35 years old) with upper secondary or post-secondary education,

- professional assistance and entrepreneurial training for development of business ideas into one’s own business or employment in another company,

- 51 participants (2 groups in 2013 and 3 groups in v 2014).
Project partner ESS 2007-2013 2014-2015
17. Ambitiously into the business world in the Radeče problem area   - part of the program and development measures Promotion of Competitiveness for municipalities Hrastnik, Radeče and Trbovlje in the period 2013–2018,

- entrepreneurial training for non-employed,

- creation of new jobs and increasing employment,

- development of the entrepreneurial sector,

- 48 participants included.
Project leader Ministry of Economic Development and Technology 2015 onwards
18. Regional Guarantee Scheme 3.200.000,00 EUR - promotion of development of small and medium businesses and gainful activities by issuing guarantees on the basis of favourable bank loans for the initial investment in tangible and intangible, and current assets. Project partner Slovene Regional Development Fund 2015 onwards
19. Influence of the Trappist Order on the Posavje Countryside 92,116.77/ LEADER: 69,081.93 AND PARTNERS’ OWN RESOURCES: 23,034.84 - study The Influence of the Trappist Order on the Posavje Countryside,

- study Reconstruction of the Chocolates Imperial trademark (study on possibilities and ways of reconstructing the trademark Imperial),

- 25 craftsmen, farms and unemployed participated in the project,

- 10 craftsmen workshops linked to the Trappist heritage, oriented towards use and raise of quality of local products with 195 participants,

- purchased equipment for chocolatier and sales point at the Rajhenburg Castle and equipment for sales and exhibition point at the partner’s site in Bistrica ob Sotli,

- promotional and informational web pages.
Project partner Leader Funds Regional Development Program 2007-2013 2013-2014
20. Locally Produced Food on the Markets in Posavje; Acronym: Let’s Go to the Markets 125,445.80 / LEADER: 69,642.80 AND PARTNERS’ OWN RESOURCES: 55.803,00 - equipment for markets in Krško and Sevnica,

- increased number of trained and registered market service providers,

- higher quality of locally produced food and products offer,

- marked sales points of locally produced food and products,

- raising the awareness of the importance of buying and eating food from the local environment,

- established rules of direct sales on the Posavje markets for those included in the project.
Leading partner LAG Posavje, represented by RRA Posavje Leader funds RDP 2007-2013 2013-2015
21. Hydraulic improvements on the Posavje Region water system 1.,8 mil EUR, Cohesion Fund, MESP, Municipalities Project coordination
Leading partner: Municipality of Krško, project partners: Municipalities Kostanjevica na Krki and Brežice; coordinator: RRA Posavje Cohesion Fund
22. CLLD – LAG Posavje 2014–2020 5.030.430,00 EUR, EKSRP, ESPR, ESRR Management of technical assistance office LAG Posavje,

- co-funding of projects
Project leader EKSRP –PRP RS 2014 – 2020

ESPR – OP ESPR 2014–2020

ESRR – INOP 2014–2020

Posavje municipalities, LAG Posavje 2014–2020 members
2015 onwards